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Thread: Planar Attunement for Pvp

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    Default Planar Attunement for Pvp

    So I have been pvp'ing a lot on my rogue and have almost completely filled the PA for pvp. now I am starting to wonder if I have over spent points in this tree due to there is no 2nd tier for it. Anyone have a good idea on what is near priority to get in the tree and what tree best compliments it afterwords? It's going to be 100p drop for me to change it so I want to make sure I am doing it right next time.

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    When I had to short change options, the ones I dropped first were

    Valor bubbles, just passing them with 1 point you lose out on 12 valor. 25 valor reduces damage by 1%. 15 valor in of itself is crap. The same isn't much greater with Vengeance but, Vengeance and Valor, despite being given out as if they are equals, are not equals in terms of numbers and effectiveness. Vengeance has it's own flaws but, I still feel like 15 vengeance sure does more than 15 valor. They are just apple/orange stats awkwardly given out like they are the same pound for pound. High end pieces of gear have 10 - 15 vengeance and 70 - 90 valor. Crappy essences for 10k favor have 25 valor. Think I've made my point about 15 valor via talents.

    Duration of Stun/Disarm effects. Think the Stun you have to put a point in to pass it, but with break free/CC breaks at hand, combined with the DR, when you do the math those talents really aren't doing that much for you.

    The ST heal reduction one can live easily without.

    The rest of the options are pretty decent. The proc effects, the aoe/crit/crit hit damage reductions, 5% mounted speed - good stuff there.
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    If you do PvE, base your PA on the highest tier of weapon you get from either that or PvP. Otherwise:

    Gun is a lot better than bow due to no flight time on abilities, like MM.

    PvP Swords are geared towards warriors (more strength) and have more AP.
    PvP Daggers are geared towards rogues (more dex) and have more phys crit.

    With regards to itemization 1 AP = 2 phys crit.

    In PvP 2 crit > 1 ap because burst > consistent damage.

    Therefore, I would choose Gun/Dagger and just pick up the PAs associated with buffing the AP from them. These are:



    If you had to pick one because you wanted the t2 PA buffs, I would choose swords/gun + fire t2 for razor's edge. Fine whetstones are better than razor's edge, so it's not worth it.

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    If I was shaving points, I'd probably drop the following, in order:

    Total Defence, points 2-5 on all bubbles.
    Grip Like Steel, points 1-2.
    Counter Strikes, points 2-5 (unless playing a spec likely to get this to trigger a lot)
    Anathema (unless unlikely to get a friendly LW proc and not playing a spec w/ a HD).
    Take Cover, points 2-5.
    Expedited Wounds, points 1-5.
    Endless Rage, points 2-5 on all bubbles.
    Strength of Will, points 1-2.
    Endless Rage, point 1 under Strength of Will.
    Endless Rage, point 1 left of Expedited Wounds.

    I think Cleanse Soul, Focused Intent, Resilient, Improved Break Free, and Fleet of Foot are all worth keeping, so I would stick to that as a minimum.

    As mentioned, beyond that, focus on your weapon trees. I went Gun/Swords, so I focused on Fire, but I found I was crit-light, so I picked up a bunch of the +Dex points in Air. I expect to be working on Earth and/or Life next.
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