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Thread: Ranger Stat Weight?

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    Default Ranger Stat Weight?

    I'm sure this is already posted but i cannot seem to find it. Can someone tell me what stats i should prioritize for Ranger DPS?

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    I BELIEVE its Dex, crit and then AP. Once you hit 40% crit you wanna add more AP. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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    To put it simply it probably never hurts to stack AP early on, and it'll save you from having to build a pure AP sigil in the future. However, as far as runes go, feel free to use dex based runes at first, then swap them over to pure AP as you get to the soft crit cap.

    I believe the stat weights for (soft crit cap) Ranger is something like this:

    AP - 3.875
    Dex - ~2.244 (Includes resonance from bard)
    Str - ~2.034 (Includes resonance from bard)
    Crit - 0.2

    I seem to recall Qan's spreadsheet having the values listed somewhere before, but it's no longer there anymore. O_o

    Qan's forum post here
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    Rogue's are so easily crit soft capped there really was no reason to try to stack crit over Ap. When I started HK i was in 4pc t1 gear and 5pc crafted and was at soft cap with dex runes. My core was always ap stacked and hasnt had crit on it since i got rid of blue essences. Just use dex runes till you hit cap then start swapping to rage runes. I wouldn't waste ISS on any essences with crit. str gives the same ap as dex so take whatever has more on it as long as it doesn't put you below soft cap.

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