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Thread: Sab Builds for PvP

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    Default Sab Builds for PvP


    have a blast with sab in PvP this days and wanna try out some new stuff, but perhaps anyone has done it already and shares his thoughts.. I usually go with a lightly modified standard sab build 51Sab/11mm/4rs like everyone else. Are there really no useable alternatives around?

    my ideas so far were the following builds.

    Saboteur (46) / Riftstalker (20)
    -Not so squishy mixed up with some RS Ports

    Saboteur (44) / Assassin (22)
    - not sure if poison poteny and poison mastery affects the charges and if its possible to use poisons.
    But i like the idea of sneaking around and blowing things up

    Perhaps mixing up with NB is another option, i will try it out these days...
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    Dunno if they still are but I do know they were considered poisons back in the day.
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    No matter what I do I find that trying to give the sab mobility at the cost of a sub 51 spec makes the damage output suffer too much and you pretty much get MM niche role. The damage isn't king, but the mobility makes it strong. Only I feel in this case taking too many points away from 51sab just to make it mobile - might as well use a MM because at that point I feel a MM holds just as equal mobility at 51spec and does damage much better than a sub 51 spec'd sab. Backloaded as the class is, 30s quick reload is a gift and huge in pvp for that soul.

    I've tried a lot of other specs, I just end up using 51sab/10mm/5rs. And I really really would love to use another spec. I really do try to find others worth using, but I often can't outside of obscure specs that aren't as overall good.
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