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Thread: Bard macro and keybindings

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    Default Bard macro and keybindings

    Hi all

    I reacently started a bard and I really love the class...

    I hate the motifs tho and therefore I have looked all over the forums for some help since trion has ****ed macros... ty very much...

    I found a guide where you use some kind of keybinding to have one key work on different action bar slots... Or at least thats how Im guessing it should work...

    I just cant figure out how to do it... I know how to create the macros and all that but the /exportkeybindings i dont get. I think I have tried everything, and I just dont see how to do it....

    I will provide a link to the guide:


    If anyone can tell me how to do this I would be extremly happy.

    If this cant be done anymore, plz tell me how to do it in another way. Perhaps there is a useful addon or something?

    Thanks alot for your time all

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    IIRC didnt Trion release a patch to that stopped this one button does all motif's macro from working?

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    It can be done with 1 button push.


    There are easier ways especially if you have an advanced keyboard like the G15.

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