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Thread: sab and lasher on P4 of aky

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    Default sab and lasher on P4 of aky

    Last night while in HK trying to kill aky, I noticed something strange.

    During submerged P4 on aky when I used my 51sab spec on the lashers i could not get HE to proc. This was while targeting the lasher itself, our dps was not great so aky's health was still high and did not want to target jornaru and bring down his hp needlessly.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is this intented?

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    I usually run sab on Aky fights and have always noticed HE issues with lashers. Sometimes the bombs don't even detonate the charges. Think it's some kind of bug that was half-fixed a while ago.

    I usually just spike and detonate them. If your warr dps is doing it's job, they should drop them quickly.

    Your main role in the fight is to melt adds in P1 and P2 as to assist in transition, your ST dmg in P3 and P4 will be secondary to the warr dps needed in those phases.

    Hope this helps.

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