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Thread: 51 Assassin macros and a noob rogue

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    Default 51 Assassin macros and a noob rogue

    Ok, so from reading all the guides 51 Sin is not atop the charts atm for anything. Thing is, I found 0 posts on what 51 Sin macros would look like. I play 4 toons and to familiarize myself with Sin today I decided to build a 51 (this is what I do with all the class souls to get familiar with them.) Are there 51 Sin macros out there in the nether? I am asking since there are prolly quite a few OGCDs and such, but as I am typing this I am making my own macros which prolly are not up to par.

    I intend to familiarize myself with Sin in a little PvP and I'd like to optimize output and then hit Slip Away to annoy people
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    What are your pairing 51 sin with? I am guessing Marksman for ranged attacks?

    Anyways, there is really nothing to the macro at all, for the most part it will be:

    cast Serpent Strike
    cast Backstab
    cast Savage Strike

    Then if you have Marksman, you can add "cast Swift Shot" after Savage Strike.

    You really do not have to macro these together, though it is obviously easier if you do and depends on your play style too. Also remember that Backstab only hits from behind.

    You do not need to macro Impale and if you are using Marksman macro Hasted Shot with Final Blow.

    There are no stealth macros that you need to use, just open up with Expose Weakness > Jagged Strike, since Assassinate is not as useful anymore. You can use a macro for Slip Away with Hidden Veil and Cleanse Soul if you have it from the PVP PA tree.

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    There have been about 5 people asking for a 51 sin guide, I think I'll write one up. I hadn't bothered before but with more people asking I think it's a good idea.
    I rite a gooded guide for rouges.

    NB-Sin Guide - http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...-sin-spec.html

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    I play a 51 pt assassin build as well. I dont use many macros really but there is something in the guide section if you check out Zyzyx's Rogue Bible. There is a part in the later section of the guide about 51 pt Assassins. I pair mine with marksman and its been a fun spec to play even tho most of the time I am 40 assassin 26 riftstalker

    I usually open with expose weakness, jagged strike, puncture, serpent strike, then impale (well I think so im not logged in so I would have to look at my hotbar when I got home from work)
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