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Thread: return to rift...planar attunement

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    Default return to rift...planar attunement

    It has me boggled, I dont know what I should be doing with it especially since I keep a variety of specs from pve tank to dps to bard to pvp specs ranged and melee.

    It seems I need to focus on specific weapons but there are so many for rogue

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    It depends on how fast you feel you need stats for dps or resists for various raid encounters.

    What I did was first get 9 planar charges and a 30 second reduction on break free. Then I filled out dexterity on level one planes, as well as picked up any "quality of life" bonuses that were on the same plane, such as movement speed.

    Next I'm planning to get to plane 2 of air so I can get 30 dex to each weapon. After that, try to fill out "attack power while wielding X" bonuses. Keep in mind that you get those bonuses even if you aren't "using" those weapons, just if they're equipped. So if you play ranger but have 2 daggers equipped, you still get the dagger bonuses.

    Personally I don't think there's a wrong way to do it.

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    I'm just going through it as a completionist, with no direction.

    So far I'm almost done T1+T2 of Air. Nearly done.

    Next up is Fire.

    Then Death. I hope to have all 3 done by Storm Legion (depending on whether T3 is opened up on 1.10 patch)

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    Default To each his own, but...

    ... there are choices that are more optimized for improving DPS, at least for PVE.

    Your best bang for buck DPS improvement per PA level is in the weapon DPS hexes. Running two of whatever melee weapon you use is key, as you'll double dip on that improvement. In stat hexes, 4 PA levels = 3 dex = 1.5AP. In weapon hexes, 7.5 levels = 8 AP (or 16 if dual wielding).

    Thus, for low PA rogues

    max out your melee weapon hexes (and pick 1 and use two of that weapon type), up through tier 2
    then max your ranged weapon type through tier 2
    then grab all the tier 1 dex
    then tier 1 strength
    then tier 2 dex
    finally tier 2 str

    feather in whatever quality-of-life stuff you want (e.g., planar charges, ports, etc.), but realize you are gimping your dps to do so.

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    Don't know what's specifically good for rogues but this is what I've done on my alts, with a focus on raid viability:

    1. get 9 planar charges
    2. cooldown on break free
    3. (primarily non-tank) get things that increase DPS - str/dex or int/wis and AP/SP on weapons commonly used (ideally, ranged weapons since you always have them)
    4. (primarily tank, or any role for progression raiding) get endurance.
    5. get the PvP tree ability (600pt), most are useful outside of PvP as well.
    6. overall, work toward whatever T2 trees have the weapon consumables that are most beneficial; for mages, get Flaring Glyph, everything else is worthless; for warriors get Storm Glyph and the Earth one for tanking, or the ones similar to whetstones for DPS
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