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Thread: Best leveling souls for Rogue

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    Default Best leveling souls for Rogue

    Which souls i should choose to fast and easy lvling ?
    Currently i have mix of Ranger/Bard/Riftstalker with almost all points added to Ranger tree - is this optimal choice ?
    I am only intrested in playing as range dps.

    Thx in advance and sorry for bad english.

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    I found pure MM to be the easiest/best for my leveling. Occasionally I used sab if I felt like I could blow up a small spot with much greater ease than my MM would have taking them out. Assassin had it's moments to. I'd say most play went to my MM spec though.
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    It depends a bit on your gear, of course.

    The earliest levels are likely pretty easy as a ranger - the pet is superb when you'd die in two hits yourself otherwise. Not the best killing speed, but not bad either.

    After about level 20, I'd consider a variation of the bloodstalker riading build (essentially, Riftstalker in Stalker stance, plus Assassin). Leeching Poison plus Rift Scavenger is superb. That can easily take you to level 50.

    The above assumes soloing. if you plan to do a lot of instances and IA (instant adventures), I would suggest pure Bard - it makes queueing easier, and it has great utility in groups.
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    I really enjoyed using a MM/RS combo when I was leveling. Fast moving, jumping all over the place, ranged to pull things . . . it was a lot of fun.

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    ranger pet tanking with bard for some minor self healing, until that is, you have enough points for leaching poison from sin, rift scavenger from rs, and twin strike from bd, then ride that to 50, it offers great aoe, constant self healing, gap closers, stealth if needed and is even strong in pvp and solo grinding post 50. MM is cute and all, but lacks enough punch to kill anything higher than yourself w/o a huge kitefest, and honestly getting to 50 fast is all about maximizing xp input. If you wanted to maximize fun then that would be a whole different thread.. but isn't being successful with no downtime fun after all? sab... sab is nice, if you got everything loaded and cd's are ready.. but lacks any self healing and can suffer from the gaps in dmg over time at lower levels.., its novel, but not optimal. You really want a spec that has some decent dmg output, self healing, mitigation options, aoe options, and low downtime.

    have a solid mm or full ranger specs on the side for when instance qeues come up.

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    I leveled as a ranger until 35 and then switched to Assassin/riftstalker and I loved it. The spec also was good for warfronts as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortosa View Post
    I leveled as a ranger until 35 and then switched to Assassin/riftstalker and I loved it. The spec also was good for warfronts as well.
    This is what I would have done if I had to do it again. I started as sab/ranger and it wasn't very effective. MM/ranger till 35 then bd/sin/rs all the way.

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