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Thread: Different Solutions

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    Hi, I will keep this short and parapharse...
    Played for a while, decent player and like ranged attacks, always played a mage but I have a rogue with decent gear and the build is very old. I want to play the rogue now as I am getting back to the game afer a long lay off. Trying to find a good survivable/ranged build that gives decent damage. Now, if that doesn't exist super/ridiculous high damage (glass cannon kind of) is alright. Or a great survivable toon that can debuff anyone will work also.
    I have recieved some advice which has been good, but still need a bit more guidence. The build I am looking at is here: 44MM/22RS but I cant find any trees or advice how to play. Is that a viable solution? If not, where would you go? I would probably role 3 diff trees and pick the one that best fits my style. I like to pvp.

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    Jetheth - P50 Rogue - Wolfsbane.

    Zaros' Rogue PVP Guide. Read it.

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