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Thread: Best Rogue Specs? [Just Resubbed]

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    Default Best Rogue Specs? [Just Resubbed]

    Help a rogue out

    Whats best right now?

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    Check Zyzx's rogue bible at the top of the guide's section, it's stickied. Best depends on your gear but I'd say Ranger, Sab and Sin-RS.
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    I rite a gooded guide for rouges.

    NB-Sin Guide - http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...-sin-spec.html

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    For raiding, Ranger is the default spec-- you can use it on virtually every fight and it'll be fairly effective. In some specific situations, other specs (most notably Saboteur, Bloodstalker, and Marksman) will be better.

    For 5-mans, I would just stick with Marksman. Ranger does more DPS, but since you likely won't have a Chloromancer in the group for Living Energy, it's horribly energy starved, and that sucks a lot of the fun out of it. Marksman also has great utility (most notably a purge), which is a big help on certain bosses.

    If you look in my signature, you'll see guides for both Ranger and Bloodstalker, where I cover the basic situations where you'd use each one.
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