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Thread: Fresh 50 - What next?

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    Default Fresh 50 - What next?

    So I just started playing again; I took a good 6 months off for life reasons (and I tried a couple of the other new mmo's out there), but I'm back and I have a fresh 50 rogue!

    My question is, what now? Is there already a post or guide out there that will help me know what to best do with my time to get raid ready?

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    I would say read the rogue bible for specs, and brief summaries of what the specs do, since there may be a good chance you get forced to bard until you are better geared, check out the how to bard thread, barding for 1.8 live, and a few other places have great convos on the do's and don'ts of barding. As for raid dps.. Ranger might be pretty solid until you get better geared, then there are sabs and melee specs that do great numbers.

    Grind grind grind.. do conquest for the trinket, and run all the instants/daiies/t2's you can for marks and minor loot. There is still some small form of ladder to climb to be raiding, but not much, and it goes fast.

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