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Thread: info sabo 51 rotation

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    Default info sabo 51 rotation

    someone can explain single target rotation? i tried all but my dps its too low..

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    Tbh imo its just not worth it. I gave it a shot and in terms of ST they are third at best, arguably 4th (for me ST was behind BS, 49 NB and Ranger) and maybe it is just a hold over from dps in EQ2 but being king of a trash parse means nothing, it is dps on nameds that matter (there it clearly rules as long as you get decent at knowing how to do things based on how long the trash will live)

    If you simply want a challenging build knock yourself out. For purely practical purposes though it seems marginally more trouble that it is worth. I am sure people will tell me I am wrong but whatever.
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    start pulls with the charge of your choice then the normal rotation is:

    time bomb, frag bomb, chem bomb, spike charge x 5, detonate, caltrop charge then repeat

    whenever its up, weave in rapid setup and carpet bombing with anhililation bomb for burst. takes some finnese to get used to but it does good damage.

    wether its worth a role slot is up to you, it does great aoe so any bosses that theres passive aoe, it will shine on even doing its single target rotation. hk and ros it works really well. i cant speak for ID but i hear theres not as much aoe there.

    it does great on trash and adding in incriminate really helps tanks out with large pulls. its also fully mobile and doesnt require any synergy crystal to function properly like alot of rogue builds do and doesnt require fervor.
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