Hey, thanks for reading.

My rogue is about to hit level 50, and this will be my first lv50 character in Rift. As this is my first level 50 character, I'm unsure about how I should gear up. I've looked for information on gearing up before, but what I've found appears to be somewhat out of date, and I was hoping the community would have some opinions and advice to help me choose the best way to begin gearing up.

- I plan on starting as Marksman dps, and also having a bard support build. Once I've acquired enough tanking gear, I'll probably try that out as well, but that's of lesser concern.
- I will probably not have a lot of time to grind dungeons. Gear that I can acquire through crafting, solo play, faction rewards, PvP, etc. is preferred. However, if there are specific dungeon sets, rewards, or particularly excellent pieces from some of the experts, please mention them!
- I do not plan on attempting to raid ID on this character. At the most, I may attempt to do HK before the expansion, but it is not a goal. The character will probably mostly do dungeons when I have the time, PvP, and some of the more quick raids.

If you have the time, please also note what you feel would be highest priority to work toward! Again, this is my first lv50 character, so I have very little understanding of how end-game Rift works.

Thanks again!