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Thread: Building through PvP

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    Default Building through PvP

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I am in need of some advice. Currently I am P20 and have the second tier of PvP gear. I am wondering what gear/items/potions/food/etc...Should I work to earn, or purchase as I level up through PvP. This game has a ton of activities and I only have 3-4 hours to spend on the game per night so I want to focus my time wisely + I am easily distracted.
    It would help greatly if someone could lead me in the correct path. I am not interested in PvE that much but if it helps with my PvP experience I will work on anything.


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    Default Well...

    If you aren't maxed on faction with Order of the Eye (probably are not) make sure you do the PvP dailies every day. Also the WF daily. Those are solid favor/prestige gains each day, and you need the faction to unlock some of the higher end synergy crystals and whatnot.

    Run a few WFs each day. You have to earn favor/prestige somehow. Also try and do at least 1 conquest, and get marks for later, and stick with your raid - get favor prestige that way.

    Those will move you along - don't get discouraged by the time it takes, just grind it out as you can.

    If you can, try and do some PvE related things (IAs) to work on PA experience. Those will help boost stats and improve performance in PvP. If you get ISS, some of the lesser essences are solid to use, if you don't use the +valor ones (needs Order of Eye Rep).

    Those should be some starting points.
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