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Thread: Rogue PVP gear question.

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    Default Rogue PVP gear question.

    I will try and make it quick and simple. I am a PVE rogue who has begun to PVP. My question lies with weapons and rings. To sum it up am I going to want the AP ones from War? or Stick with the Crit stuff from rogue? I already have nihilst rings and am wondering if i should just end the line there and start out with the AP rings from warrior.

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    Rogue pvp gear has not that much crit. Dex stats are also lower when compared to PvE gear. Basically crit is still very usefull for pvp gear. For me I am picking full Rogue items. I am still a tad lower then 1k crit rate.

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    Keep in mind you can pick up a "free" 60dex/30ap from lightning glyphs as well. Granted not as much dps as whetstones, but if you offset that with ap rings and swords it might be worthwhile.

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