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Thread: Seek Advice on Bard PvP Spec for Conquest and Warfronts

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    Default Seek Advice on Bard PvP Spec for Conquest and Warfronts

    I am trying to put together an PVP Bard spec. Instead of using Blink Bard, I am shooting for a respectable DPS spec with enough Sin for permastealth--because I will be duoing with another rogue in conquest and warfronts.

    I am trying to model off of the Burn Bard Sin variant from this thread - http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ml#post3775443

    This is the build -


    I moved points from Stage Presence to Silent Footsteps (Steath Movement and Avoid Detection), Blinding Power, and Improved Stealth.

    Questions --

    1. Is Stage Presence (Fanfare effectiveness) the best way to find those 4 points to get to 21 Sin?

    2. Is it worth taking 2 more points from Bard (and give up rez) for Fan Out + Foul Play (4 sec stun)?--leaning towards not doing this (should be using Cadence over Fan Out).

    3. Would single target rotation be Cadence until 5 -- Coda of Resto (alternating to Deadly Strike)?
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