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Thread: New Rogue after some tips!

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    Default New Rogue after some tips!


    I'm fairly new to rift and was looking for some tips for leveling my Rogue. Are there any souls that would make life much easier when questing and casual dungeons/pvp?

    I was interested in the Saboteur soul and was wondering is this was a good choice for questing, and what a basic low level rotation may be? (the guide on the guide section was geared more for end game raiding and thus a tad confusing!).

    Thanks a lot in advance, I am enjoying the game and hope to eventually get my head round the Rogue class as much as possible!


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    I'm a newer player and have found my marksman/ranger good for soloing though survivability (with my slow, 40-year-old fingers was tough early on) was tough at first. A lot of fun now.

    At some point one of my off specs will be as close to a WoW combat rogue as I can make it.

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    I've got a fairly comprehensive PVP guide for Rogues, the link is in my signature. It's geared towards level 50s, but the majority of it applies to lower levels.

    For leveling, I would recommend a combination of Assassin, Bladedancer and Riftstalker. Two important talents to take into account are Rift Scavenger, a third tier talent in Riftstalker, and Leeching Poison, a 14(?) point root ability in Assassin. They both provide significant healing and are great for leveling. They allow you to take on groups of multiple enemies at once. Bladedancer just has a bunch of nice passives and it synergies well with Assassin and Riftstalker.

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    For a questing build you will want speed buffs-bard and ranger give permanent out of combat buffs at low levels and MM and BD give in combat temporary boosts. Nightblade and Assassin give stealth-really helpful if you don't want fights not of your choosing. Riftstalker gives survivability
    (and increases damage with its ap boost but not as much at low levels). Saboteur does not synergize well or bring much utility beyond an AE snare for questing.
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