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Thread: Bard Question

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    Default Bard Question

    I thought I remember hearing something that bards cannot miss at level 50, no matter what their hit is at they still will hit their cadence. I cannot find anything to support this however, I ask cause I got a rogue whos almost 50 now and was hoping to get him into my guild HK run to gear him out fast but wanted to check if I would be useful at all besides the buffs. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I too thought the cadence description said that it cannot be dodged, blocked, or parried.
    I seemed to bard fine one rotp morning with 89 hit and pvp shizz on. Dunno about codas though.

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    Cadence and the Codas will indeed always hit. There are a few mobs in the game however that put a debuff on you that'll make your next skill miss which will affect Cadence/Codas.
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    cannot be DODGED, BLOCKED or PARRIED, those are all mitigation/avoidance mechanics based on other stats.. YES, you sure can miss as a bard, it's seldom, and almost un noticeable since we simply recast cadence.. but yeah, they can miss.

    codas.. CoR is great, but, for debuffing purposes you should not be doing any other codas unless its aoe mobs, anything st will be put up faster and more efficiently by any of the other classes..

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