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Thread: Flagging PvP during raids

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    Default Flagging PvP during raids

    What is the reason for this? I have read the Bard should and also the entire raid should. What is the reason for this?


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    If half of the raid is flagged for pvp and other half is not, you'll not be able to buff or even heal each other. Only way to fix that is to turn everyone's pvp flag on and let it auto-decay (on pve shards). Other than not having to wait for 5 minutes before pulling is the only reason.

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    It does actually matter if you turn it on or off:

    with pvp on any pets in the raid won't receive any buffs (fanfares, beastmaster etc.). It sometimes works until the player or pet dies, then it won't work anymore.

    Only workaround is to have everyone turn pvp off.

    Just tell everyone while forming the raid to switch pvp off, do a check before you start pulling the first groups. And if someone still has pvp on, have them turn it off. It does take 5min, but it won't critically matter since you shouldn't be on any boss within 5min. ;)

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    It's either a sure-fire or misguided approach to making sure heals land on everyone.

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    having pvp on durring a raid,

    when you die. you drop a nice corpse to loot.
    and some random deaths wont cause you to take any soul damage.
    its like the estrode fight but all the time
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    pvp on - buffs/heals on hit other pvp on players
    pvp off - buffs/heals hit everyone

    leave pvp turned off please

    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    When time allows I'll be looking at the issue with the class guys.

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