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Thread: Input on ranger pve build please?

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    Default Input on ranger pve build please?

    Hey all, I'm trying to build a good dps build for when my rogue hits 50 (currently 45). The build can be seen here: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...kszqz.xhh0V.-6

    Its a 13 NB (for the +dps talents)/ 37 Ranger / 16 MM.

    Looking to know people's thoughts on this setup. Goal of this setup is to maximize rogue and pet's overall dps utilizing the talents in NB along with the MM's constant ignore armor talent.

    Thanks for your opinions!

    Forgot to mention that should also be using both electrified munitions and hellfire blades for additional dps.
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    It seems fine for a level 45 build but when you hit 50 you're going to want the 51pt root ranger ability, Feral Aggression. This is why everyone is using 51 ranger / 15 marksman, Feral Aggression is too good to pass up if you're already deep ranger.

    In marksman it would be better to move points from Sharpshooter to Increased Fire Power and then put on hit runes if you need them, even at lower gear levels 10% AP is going to increase your dps a lot more than replacing a single hit rune with a dps rune (Sharpshooter is the equivalent of 15 hit).

    The base of the level 50 build is 51 ranger / 14 marksman because of Feral Aggression and Electrified Munitions. Most people then put their last point in marksman for additional EM damage and take assassin as their 3rd soul so that they can use Virulent Poison as their other weapon enchantment. I think some people also have tried 51 ranger / 14 marksman / 1 riftstalker for the 3% AP but that would only be better if your AP was already very high.

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    Both MM and Ranger are pretty much all or nothing builds for top PVE dps.

    Look at the ranger tree. You have King of the Jungle : 6% pet damage increase for every point spent in ranger past 21. And then Steady Hand : increased effect of attack power on ranged weapon by 2% per point in ranger past 26.

    You have to look at abilities like that. You gain more by going 51 than you do by putting the points elsewhere.

    With Marksmen it's master archer : +5% damage and additional +1% for every point past 20... so you're talking 31% additional damage with 51 mm and then silver tipped @ 51 which stacks to +20% dmg. So they really give incentive to go 51 into different souls.

    Now, for pvp there's plenty of reason for playing w\ combinations in order to get more utility out of your builds.

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    I'm leveling up my 2nd Rogue now (also a 45 at the moment) and personally, I'd go with the 51 Ranger (with the last 5 points missing from this side)/14 Ranger /1 RiftStalker build until you hit 50, then go to the 51 Ranger/15 MM build.

    With the 46MM/15R/1RS build (and actually since I was about level 7), this has been the best solo PvE that I've personally seen used for leveling. You can easily take down monsters 3 levels higher than you 1v1, and once you are past level 40, you can hose down groups of 3 or 4 when they are 1-2 levels higher.
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    Hello just started to play with my rogue on 1.8 pre 1.8 i was MM but for the past few dungeons i have been outdpsed by anger rogues did they get buffed? And if so any links i could use as a guide to build a good dps spec? TY in advance!

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    my recommendation is go 51 ranger, 15 mm, and unless your a minmaxer its all in one button aswell, including Feral Aggression but some have said this doesnt always go off when in a macro so have it seperate aswell, so you can monitor it.

    51 MM is good utility from range, but the dps now compared to a 51 ranger (largely it has to be said thanks to the pet, as the rotation is almost identical) is considerable.

    i Raid Spec the 51 ranger, unless specifically asked to do a certain job like rupting or purging etc....
    everything else is 51mm unless energy is ever resolved to a level where i could use 51ranger without dependance on fervor (my avatar) or LE.
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