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Thread: 33BD/20sin/13rs Rotations??

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    Default 33BD/20sin/13rs Rotations??


    seen this build a few times being used to farm PA in EI at around 1 PA every 10minutes,id like to use it but i cant find rotations for it anywhere and without them the speed is gonna be signifigantly reduced and im not to experienced with Bladedancer any help is appreciated

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    Make macros for blinking to a target, keep shadow shift on a separate key, and basically Twin Strike + Compound Strike. I mean what else could you possibly need? Put Weapon Barrage on a key. Flash of Steel on a key. Use Annihilate, though it isn't really going to make or break this build. There are really no macros dude.

    You could make one for when it's single target:

    #show precision strike
    cast precision strike
    cast quick strike
    cast keen strike

    When you use that, you would use Deadly Strike for your finisher. There really are no macros to be made, though.

    If I was making this build, I would do something like this, though:

    Then you can make the macro:
    #show shadow blitz
    cast shadow assault
    cast shadow blitz
    cast shadow stalk (optional, you could alternately keep it on a separate key as a break-free type button)

    Then use Leeching and Lethal poisons. Cruise around in stalker phase unless you're tanking 10 invasions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosdareth View Post
    seen this build a few times being used to farm PA in EI at around 1 PA every 10minutes,
    Using a pot and he must be hitting low hp on some pulls.
    Im open for builds but the lack of riftstalker ports and no phase worries me

    Thanks for the journey RIFT - It's been fun

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