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Thread: Returning rogue needs help for gearing

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    Default Returning rogue needs help for gearing

    Hello everyone,

    i am a returning rogue who quit playing rift a few months after the release due to free time issues.

    to sum it up, yesterday i was in an mmo spree and decided to give rift another shot so i downloaded it, got 3 days trial for my old account, installed the game and then BAM! totally lost...

    i have this 50 rogue i used to pvp with, i got almost full epic gear (though i imagine it will suck after about 1 year) which i remember i gathered doing some pvp, with about 550 total valor + still some greenies.

    my problem is that i would like to start using this rogue again but i really don't know what to do, i couldn't find a guide about where to get the right equipment to start "playing again".

    I love to pvp but would also like to try tanking some dungeons, if a patient soul could explain me where to start looking at for the equipment, or where to go, I would be most grateful!

    I already looked at the various guides around but i've only found build guides or strategies, nothing like:

    You need the following pieces:
    X -----go Y on normal difficulty
    X2------go Z on hard
    and so on..

    anyone willing to help?

    thanks in advance!

    p.s: to the guy who stole my fantastic nick on Bloodiron, i'm coming after you
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    The simple answer is run expert dungeons. At first just get a bard spec and queue as DPS/Support, and just roll on everything you can use. Tank gear, DPS gear, doesn't matter, if you will wear it, roll on it. Expert dungeons are the main place to gather gear from when you are just getting set up. If you really have no desire to DPS at all, and only want to tank you can run normal CC, AP, or CR to pick up a few pieces of toughness gear and get the hang of tanking first.

    Also check the AH for both runes and fully made pieces. For probably 150p you can outfit yourself with enough tank gear to tank an expert.

    Eventually you will want to run some 10 mans and pug raids, but you will have a better idea of what you are looking for by the time you are ready for those.
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    http://www.tinyurl.com/roguebestinslot should help you along the way
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