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Thread: Just a hopeful suggestion

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    Default Just a hopeful suggestion

    It's been bugging me for some time now, but shadow fire and bestial fury buffs should be applied when you use the skill, not when the projectile hits. It's less of an issue for guns but for bows it means that your next attack often doesn't benefit from the buff and if the creature happens to die while the projectile is making it's slow way to the target, you lose out on a cooldown without getting the buff.

    So why isn't the buff applied on cast like the 4p mm crystal is?

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    I could be wrong as I haven't tested anything but sab on the PTS, but there was some patch note about shadowfire's buff being applied even when the target was immune. Not sure if they did what you're describing or not, but I do remember the aggravation entailed when I still had a bow.

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    Nah, sorry, bows are still inferior to guns because of projectile travel time.

    Should it be fixed? Hell yes, it's silly currently.

    Why haven't they fixed it? I have no idea, they acknowledged the issue when they gave guardians a P8 gun option in the recent patch...seems stupid IMO>>>"ok we're gonna give p8s guns to replace their bows but the rest of the gamer pop is just gonna have to deal with it". They really ought to make bows and guns have identical travel times and graphic indications. At no time should anyone be using a loadequip macro with some green gun they bought off the AH just to interrupt/purge reliably - Trion fail IMHO. Maybe they have some half-baked notion of balancing ranged weapon drops between rogues and warriors using the difference between bows and guns...but nothing they've done so far indicates this, though it would be interesting.

    FWIW I'm a max pvp rank defiant rogue and had the gun within 10 days of it existing. Being able to see Guardian Marksman tracers on all their abilities, yet have mine be magically invisible, is just dumb. Trion, you guys are doing fairly well overall, you just really need to get in the trenches and fix silly **** like this.
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