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Thread: Help, returning from 1.5 to 1.6/7 and not pulling good dps....

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    Default Help, returning from 1.5 to 1.6/7 and not pulling good dps....

    As the title says I left at the start of 1.5, when I was doing all T1s and most T2s and just started raiding,
    now I'm mainly getting put in T2s and the tank has said the last three times that I'm sub 500 dps and that there doing more damage,

    Attack power 581
    Physical crit 22.22% (as ranged class)
    Hit 250

    any suggestions?, I normally rotate Splint - Empower - Deadeye
    but I'm going to look at some new specs
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    It would help to know what your build is. However I'm going to assume you are using a 51 mm /15(14) rng variant.

    If you do not have a t1 raid crystal, do not use any cast time abilities outside of deadeye shot, shadowfire, and strafe. That is do not use empowers shot or splinter shot as they are a dps loss.

    What I usually do is open with shadowfire then build up another 3 combo points. Rapid fire shot. 5 combo points. Bullseye into deadeye. Strafe. Hopefully have Rapidfire shot back up and fire that. Quick reload. Strafe and rapid fire shot. Then use your combo point builder again.

    The above is if you haven't specced into bestial fury for the head shot buff. Use that once a minute if you are specced.

    So for finishers you should be using rapid fire shot and dead eye shot. Hasted shot when you are moving.

    Combo point builders are (if you spec into it) piercing shot, crippling shot, and swift shot. One quick shot per 5 combo points if you specced into Iqs.

    Another thing to look at is your buffs. Do the +ap one in ranger, silvertipped and electrified munitions.

    I'd give a more thorough breakdown but I'm currently posting this on my phone. Go check the guide sectio of the forum. One of the stickies has a introductory guide to almost all rogue dps builds.

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