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Thread: Looking for Advice with DPS Rotation

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    Default Looking for Advice with DPS Rotation

    Hello all!

    I've been reading different guides here on the forums and have been tweaking my spec and rotation as much as possible but I'm looking for some extra help with my Ranged and Melee Specs and Rotation.

    51 Marksman / 8 Ranger / 7 Assassin
    My rotation is: Barbed Shot -> Splinter Shot -> Empowered Shot -> Swift Shot -> Deadeye Shot
    Sometimes just Swift Sot x5 -> Deadeye
    With Strafe and Bullseye when able and Reload when possible as well.

    1) Is this correct?
    2) If not, can you suggest better for max DPS?

    39 Bladedancer / 17 Assassin / 10 Nightblade
    My rotation is:
    Exposed Weakness -> Keen Strike -> Precision Strike -> Keen Strike -> Deadly Strike
    Note that I haven't used this in a bit so I'm not 100% sure.

    1) Is the rotation correct? Can you provide a better one?

    2) if I would like to keep Bladedancer as "Main" spec, is there a better Spec that you suggest?

    3)If I change from Bladedancer, what's the best DPS spec you are running?

    Please keep in mind I am NOT interested in Macros. I just want a rotation for both specs.

    Thank you for the help in advance

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