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Thread: Suggestion: Revamp Planar Switch

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    Default Suggestion: Revamp Planar Switch

    Planar Switch
    45 Meter Range
    25 Energy
    Cooldown: 10.00 Seconds
    The Rogue transfers all existing Combo Points from the previous Combo Point target to the current enemy target. Causes the previous Combo Point target and the current target to Plane Shift, switching positions. Awards 1 Combo Point. This ability does not trigger global cooldown.

    Add the function shown in green, and remove the function shown in red. What this allows is for a riftstalker who is attacking a melee mob to target a ranged mob and use planar switch. This would bring that ranged mob to the riftststalker while the melee mob would then run to the riftstalker.

    This change gives some needed ability to riftstalker tanking. Gathering up non melee mobs can be difficult for a riftstalker. If the mobs are far enough apart then planar attraction will not work. Also, planar attraction has a fairly long CD, too long if you would need to use it multiple times in a single pull or quickly in succession on multiple pulls.

    This change also maintains the functionality of the ability while adding a useful secondary function. This change would also make the planar switch ability fit better within the riftstalker concept. Finally, this would make the ability worth having as the final riftstalker ability and most important Fun.
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    Or just simply make it a rift summon type ability or add a silence to our tank interrupt.

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    swaping positions would make for some really bizzare raiding scenarios....

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    Riftstalker would be even more LoL in Whitefall. I can just see this now ;x

    Warp ya back - ohhh no cap. Lol Rift Prism. Oohhhh warp ya back - no cap.
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    1) smack around the practice dummy some
    2) target EI event boss mob, cast Planar Switch
    3) ???
    4) Profit.

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