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Thread: 3pc Synergy crystals considered buffs?

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    Default 3pc Synergy crystals considered buffs?

    When applied to the stats sheet, are they suppose to being added like buffs? The +SP, AP, and Endurance

    They dont benefit from any +% increases.

    Stats sheet - http://i.imgur.com/KdTN3.jpg

    simple math. 1090x 0.15 = 1253.5

    Actual - http://i.imgur.com/RXoWs.jpg

    1055x 0.15 = 1213.25+35 = 1248

    Now lets look at Riftstalker +45 Endurance, guess what? It's not effected by guardian phase, or Great Fortitude.

    Yes, the bonus's are minor. I'm more curious if these crystals are suppose to be acting as buffs on the stat sheet.

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    I don't know if they are supposed to, but i know they always have, which is really annoying.
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    Correct, same with PA. Dunno if supposed to.
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