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    I am a rouge marksman who is having a bit of trouble with dps, i have 51 points in my marksman soul, 15 in my ranger soul and 0 points in nightblade, The problem is i cant get my dps over 800-900 what are some ways i can increase my dps? (apart from getting better gear)

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    What does your gear look like?

    What is your rotation/macros?

    Are you using bestial fury or piercing shot?

    Are staying still as much as possible?

    Answer those and we can help you.
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    Are you 3/3 Improved Quick Shot or 2/3? Are you using Head shot/Bestial Fury, or are your points in piercing shot? There are a lot of things you could probably do, but we would need more information to really help.

    The easiest way to increase your DPS however would be to stop running 51 MM. It is a utility spec with acceptable ranged DPS, not a pure DPS spec.
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