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Thread: Rolling Stormsource or not?

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    Default Rolling Stormsource or not?

    I was wondering if it is better to use that essence for the large hp boost which equals better Rift Guards during uptime or if it is better to aim for a dex/end/res essence.
    Roughly, what stats would the essence have to have to be better than the Stormsource?

    The rest of my essences are random 100 iss ones.

    All feedback is welcome.

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    It's pretty bad for a couple reasons. First of all it's not static. Now, that wouldn't be a problem if it increased your current hp along with your endurance, but it doesn't. It turns you into more of a mana sponge than rogue tanks already are. Second, you give up a fair amount of stats from a good lesser essence that an occasional 55 endurance really doesn't compensate for. Third, rift guard isn't gonna drop off. Yeah you will take slightly less damage because of the synergy between RG and your max health, but it really isn't significant compared the normalized damage reduction you'll receive by a lesser essence.

    For tanking, you really want controllable cooldowns, not random ones like that. It's all about effective health and average damage reduction. Also, as far as CDs go, rogue beats a warrior and cleric hands down.
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