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Thread: Rogue Tank spec ?

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    Default Rogue Tank spec ?

    so iv been defaulted so much damn rank loot im pretty damn well geared tank wise now, and was figuring to mess around and tank some stuff for sh*ts and giggles.

    so my question is why is 51rs//8bd//7ranger superior to 51rs//8bd//7bard (no armor buff, 2/3 street smarts)
    serious question. correct me if im wrong but it just seems to me that 4% reduced damage + 5% hp compared to 10%hp + -2% chance to be hit by normal and crit attacks + vigor (in case no bard of course) just seems better to me. cuz like imo an extra 2% to just be missed > 4% reduced damage. miss = no damage along with that additional 5% hp has got to make that 4% dr virtually useless. /shrug, any insight here would be appreciated, thanks
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    Personally, I run with that rs/bd/ranger spec you linked.

    If you take 100 hits for 2k each, that totals out to 200,000 damage. Now, with 4% DR, each hit does 1,920 damage (for a total of 192,000 damage).

    With the 2% miss, you take 98 attacks instead of 100. You end up taking 196,000 damage (4k more than with the 4% DR).

    But, from a healing perspective, you would prefer the tank to pick the DR instead of the avoidance (speaking generally here). Healers hate spiky tank damage.

    I would go more in depth but, I've got to get some sleep.

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