So i have finally hit 50, and beginning to enjoy all the new aspects of the game. For now i am focusing on PvP, and getting my gear together. Unfortunately i have noticed that as a rogue my DPS output is super low, and i am getting crushed in warfronts and open world PvP. for a PvP build i am using one of Zyzxx's builds from his rogue guide.
I am not fully geared yet and i am only at prestige lvl 3, but there has got to be a way to increase my dps with the current gear and weap that i use now.
My Dex =350, att =415, Crit = 500, Valor = 427, and Vengeance = 29. I know that the valor and vengeance stats are low but i am just starting to build that stuff. I only have 2 pieces of the "enrtry" lvl PvP gear.....just looking for a way to use my rogue to his fullest potential with what i have. Any constructive help anyone could offer would be most appreciated.