Is it me or does our energy regen rate blow? This really needs to be addressed. I don't think its a bug I just think our regen rate is just bad and needs to be improved.

I do like the Nb soul combined with either sin/bd/rs. Having fun with it in pvp.

Sab soul is just a waste of space. Why even have it it?

Ranger soul was improved but I still don't like it compared to mm.

Clerics are killable again but still a bit OP in my opinion.

Guilds seem a bit redundant since there are no foreseeable in game goals a guild can benefit from besides the perks and stuff. I would like to see Guild castles and guild wars. Like caste against castle for example winning guild gets like a week long dmg buff or something for winning.... etc etc something like that not sure lol

Overall I don't hate 1.7 and I enjoy playing it better then 1.6.