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Thread: [Bug] Focused Intent - Rogue pvp/pa ability

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    Default [Bug] Focused Intent - Rogue pvp/pa ability

    Focused Intent is being applied to the Rogue from taking Falling Damage

    Running out of Sanctum to the bank, Jump off the ledge and take expected fall damage...what I did not expect to happen was to proc Focused Intent on myself.

    Not much of a problem running around in sanctum, but with all the fall damage a person can take in a Warfront. De-buffing ourselves is not a good thing.
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    I've noticed this too. Focused intent and the warrior version seem to stay on past death as well.

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    When time allows I'll be looking at the issue with the class guys.

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    The same thing happens with Bloodthirsty when you die to a fang.

    The game considers both falling damage and fang damage your "own" damage and therefore things that proc off of damage/kills will proc on you. I'm betting if you find a steep enough hill, put on Bloodthirsty, and jump off you will get a bloodthirsty proc when you die.
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