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Thread: A question about "eradicate"

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    Default A question about "eradicate"

    Are there any buffs, that cannot be removed by eradicate? I'm not talking about static augmentations e.g. whetstones, I'm talking about shields and damage buffs. Especially RS buffs seems to give me a hard time. What's the mechanic of the removal? First buffed, first eradicated? So is it possible to protect buffs by stacking less important buffs in advance?
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    To answer your question, yes. There are buffs that are not purgeable. I don't know all of them. I know Guardian Phase and Stalker Phase cannot be purged.

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    My understanding is that first-buffed is first-purged, so you want to put your most important buffs on last.

    For RS, everything but phases can be purged. The issue you are seeing is probably that all the "on shift ability" procs get reapplied pretty much instantly so they never really go away.
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