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Thread: 51 RNG/15 MM weekend testing

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    Default 51 RNG/15 MM weekend testing

    So as the title eludes to, I spent some time messing with the 51 RNG build this weekend. All of this testing was done in expert dungeon PUG's, all the gear is R1'ish with my gun being 49.5 dps(i think thats what it got changed to in 1.7) 3 deathbringer set parts, no crystal bonuses.

    First and foremost I decided to play this build because I wanted to have a decent ranged DPS, but I really needed a break from MM. (Played MM since release) This spec is more fun, IMO, than MM has been to play. I'm not going to link the spec (work), but it's pretty obvious where your 15 MM points go.

    The most interesting thing I noticed was that on bosses most of the time I had the highest single target dps in the group. Sometimes this was by a few hundred dps. This relies heavily on pet management, when the pet dies, the dps drops out of competative range.

    On the other hand it seems like there is no way I could compete with AOE dps at all. This seems odd as rangers have multiple AOE attacks, but none of them hold up to an MM spamming fan out. I didn't hinder our AOE dps by any means, but I'm just not competative there. I still feel like I can figure out more here, I think the right combination of trick shot and AOE finisher for like 4 or less mobs and Rain of Arrows for 5 or more. I don't know, but it seems like I should be able to do a bit better. I still like doing this better than the fan out span from MM fame.

    All in all I really enjoy this spec in the expert dungeons, but I couldn't see bringing it to any raids as it's just too pet dependent. The raid bosses would make pet management insane.

    Anyways, thats my thoughts on a weekend with ranger. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

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    51 Ranger 15 MM is very near 51MM 15 Ranger (Or any MM spec), it got "fixed" quite enough, the only problems it has that make it non-worthwhile:

    Energy Starvation.

    Pet dies and sometimes takes heal that could have been for an actual member.

    In the next gear Tier, 51 Ranger is gonna be bad again because the pet wont scale with the new gear and we will need a new adjustment on King of the Jungle.

    Until Splinter Shot and Shadow Fire get a 10% energy reduction on them, so with Fervor they are at ~35-40 and pets get changed to not die by everything, Ranger can be viable.

    Generally its not a bad spec, if you want rough numbers, 51 Ranger is ~100 DPS behind 51 MM (in HK gear level) but it doesnt lose DPS while moving thats with the fact that its energy starved AS HELL, take the energy starvation and make the pet not die and take heals, and we have two ranged specs instead of one.
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    It seems like pets not scaling is a constant problem. It should be generally addressed (across callings) at some point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beckmann View Post
    It seems like pets not scaling is a constant problem. It should be generally addressed (across callings) at some point.
    Agreed. Something needs to be done with pet scaling in general (for all callings as you said) or otherwise the only way to keep pets doing a useful chunk of damage is going to be to artificially buff the pet damage talents every time a new tier of content is released.

    As Shadow Fire and Spinter Shot goes the excessive energy starvation comes from the crystals' effect that makes them insta cast. If the crystal also had an effect to reduce their costs by 10% (ish) it would be acceptable. Though I'm still in favor of giving Ranger a new energy management talent. Say something that restores x Energy whenever the pet crits.
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    No offense to point at WoW, but their pets scale now.

    Pet offense should scale off the characters crit, ap, etc
    Pet defense should scale off the characters health, armor, etc

    You may also consider giving generic gear that can be equipped onto any summoned pet, or some sort of way of tweaking our pets. WoWs pet talents might be an option...?

    Maybe for every 10 points spent in MM, you get a point to assign to a pet (in some vastly scaled down tree with all one drop abilities?).

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