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Thread: How much dps is BD T1 4pc crystal?

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    Default How much dps is BD T1 4pc crystal?

    I'm currently running MM and Bloodstalker depending on the fight. My gear is 4 piece blighted, 2 piece zardonis. With bloodstalker I can do around 2350 on dummy, thats with fervor, no tablet.

    Now I was messing around with a blinkblade spec (21bd/25ass/20rs) and was doing around 2050 or so. Thats with exactly the same buffs as when I was parsing bloodstalker. But the thing is that I don't have a T1 BD crystal. Unfortunately the PTS is down so I can't test and I'm not really willing to spend 60 stones just to test it out.

    So to cut to the chase, how much dps boost would I get if I had the crystal? If I were to get close enough to Blood I wouldn't mind losing some DPS to gain AOE and interrupt.

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    I haven't used my blade dancer build w\ crystal in an actual raid yet...

    What I noticed on the dummy though is that it seems to be better for sustained damage whereas blink/bloodstalker can be more burst oriented and fall off.

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