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Thread: Too many builds, I am confused/lf advice

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    Default Too many builds, I am confused/lf advice

    Hi guys,

    I've read a fair bit of threads on this forum and found a lot of helpful information. However, I get confused with the amount of builds and which is best suited for someone like me. It is apparent that the build choice is highly affected by the gear you have. Most of the guides I see mention raid tier gear which I do not have yet. I am currently in T2 expert dungeon gear with some plaque gear mixed in and I am using the blink'blade for dungeons.
    Today I've been reading through the mandancer threads which looks nice but being a newbie I really can't judge. Could some of you guys please advise which build would be optimal for the gear I have? I am looking for melee builds since ranged is kinda meh.


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    blinkblade or MM would suit you fine.
    mandancer is not that far off from blink, just small changes.
    these builds will probably work fine for you till you are in the T2 raid gear with crystal

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    Default ..

    What he said above. In PVP, I'd personally go heavier in RS as you will not feel as "weak" in terms of dying quickly as you might in other builds. Add in some ranged MM so that when WFs get crazy you can avoid the front line and still have fun. The single biggest component of feeling like you are more powerful is time in the warfronts to upgrade gear. Most of us who have played a long time have tried many combos of souls. Just keep trying things until you figure out what you like.

    Here is a tip. Imagine playing a rogue and ask yourself what you would like to do. Survive? Speed? Range? Heal? Tank? then go into the trees and find some skills that match what you put down. Build out a spec that fits your playstyle more so than maximizes damage. Keep in mind that people giving parsers and such are not considering a WF and while speed or 'blinking" may not add to damage, it adds to non-parsing benefits such as staying alive.
    Rogue: 0/0 HK or any other PVE content. Over 120+ days /played in PVP content exclusively as an Assassin. (yes, 2800 hours)
    Yes, I know MM and NB rule. No, I don't want to switch to a MM. Yes, I know they are the best. No, again, I'd rather improve Assassins.

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