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Thread: Melee DPS help

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    Default Melee DPS help

    Hey guys. I've decided to come back after a few months and try out my rogue again.

    I've been through the majority of the stickies regarding melee specs but I'm a little confused because there are so many of them, and each sticky just basically links the spec and the rotation.

    If anyone could possibly sum up what melee specs seem to be most effective at this point, that would be much appreciated. I really have no need for play style other than wanting to go melee.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    blinkblade would probably be one of your better base melee dps builds.
    things that can change this outlook
    full ( at least 4 piece ) GSB & ROS plaque gear with a T1 crystal.
    same as above with HK plaque gear
    NB would probably be your next step up in terms of melee dps, followed by bloodstalker. Both of these builds shine with the T2 crystals

    with out the AP stacking, I would say NB will out preform it in terms of easier to run, and rotations. bloodstalker you would want to look into nkRebuff or equal add on to help track and maintain your temp buffs.

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