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Thread: Need advice on 2 builds

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    Default Need advice on 2 builds

    I'm gonna start by saying I don't want some big fancy "highest dps possible" builld, the way I create my builds usually is I get a theme in mind and then I try to make my build off of that theme. I don't like doing things like sacrificing an ability that I really like using to get +100dps. I'm also not necessarily looking to use these in a raid but raid-related advice is welcome. This is mostly for solo and experts/masters (whatever they're called now)

    So my first build is mostly bard, I use bard quite often, maybe 40% of the time, and I slowly realized I was mostly just dpsing with crappy dps and giving everyone some neat buffs that made them feel better :P

    My goal was to keep all the buffs + keep them maxed out, keep my coda heal (verse I rarely find useful because of it's CD) and still be able to debuff the target(s) but with more dps potential and again a build/theme that was more fun to use. I came up with a 32nb/34bard/0rs, and I based it around a demon-bard type theme. I solo'd with it in ember (haven't gotten into a dungeon yet as it's fairly late) and it actually solos quite well.

    As far as a "rotation", I kept cadence as the main ability because I wanted to keep the trickle healing, and I replaced power chord with dusk strike because it does more damage and is more in-keeping with the theme. I realize having both power chord and dusk strike would be a good option as well and that's certainly something I thought of however I didn't know what I would replace for it as I valued everything else over it. Kept all 5 motifs, grabbed all the anthems, and twilight shelter is a nice "oh sh*t" button. As far as damaging finishers, blazing strike does a good bit more than coda of wrath, however it's not ranged. This is where I feel this build is a bit shy, the flaming axe finisher, while very manly and awesome looking, does **** for damage unless I'm reading it wrong.

    32nb/37brd : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...gMos.VcdVi0skV

    My old build I simply just hit deadeye shot as my damaging finisher and I was hitting around 2.3k crit, with blazing I only hit 1.4k crits. Here's a complete variant that I thought of to make the build all around more ranged.

    32mm/37brd : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...Ah0R.VcdVi0skV

    Only thing I don't like about this one is...I like the demon bard theme...xD but if this means I'd have like x2 the damage and be ranged then I'll probably use it. I might scrap one of my roles to try it out real quick.

    Anyways, here is the original thought for my 2nd build that I'm trying to create :
    38ass/18rift/10sab : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...xsfqzzR.VG0f0R

    The original theme for this build was/is supposed to be a stealthy/alchemist that uses poisons/water damage to weaken enemies.
    Obviously this is extremely hard to pull off and I ended up putting 10 in sab for chemical/adhesive bombs, which were pretty much my aoe damage/cc. The 18 in riftstalker was originally supposed to give me the extra healing (mostly for soloing in ember + helping out the healer) and a very good amount of mobility which also increases my damage by 15% + another 15% crit chance. Judging by the builds coming out lately ala blinkdagger and whatnot everyone already understands why I went that route.

    Here's what ended up happening in dungeons though, For the most part my dps was complete **** (I don't have a meter but other people would post the results and I was just about always last, even though my gear isn't too awful). I've saved tanks before with the utility, numerous times when the healer accidentally died in some way, I've also saved myself and saved my team from running back with slip away, and at least 10 times in the past half a day I've saved myself from dying using enduring brew.

    Just to add I love the utility in assassin though, the stun has saved many fights when the healer died, the

    Here's some variants I thought of :
    15mm/51ass : http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...0V.GARftsfqddR
    Reasoning : Serpent strike! I love that skill, it's one of my favorite due to the fact it's a free 8s cd off of gcd hit that does around 1200 damage not counting poison procs and it very much so fits the alchemist theme. Poison cloud does as well but obviously that isn't a big priority due to the fact that it's almost completely useless. (though I did save a tank with it once) This build does very respectable damage compared to the damage I did before but I am missing the sab bombs and it really just feels like..well...an assassin, and that isn't what I was going for >_<

    I suppose I could go 51ass/10sab/5rs, is that pretty much the best way to pull this off? And if so would I be losing much?

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    The 2nd build you posted (51sin15mm) is a very viable pvp/gank/burst spec. I used to use it from time to time.

    If you prefer going around soloing mobs 1 at a time extremely fast instead of mobbing and killing slowly you will enjoy it. Most mobs die to: Assassinate/Paralyze, stun/backstab, serpant strike, (5cp) Rapid fire shot, and then a few abilities after that for an EI mob.
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