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Thread: Lvl 30 Rogue PvP spec, suggestions?

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    Default Lvl 30 Rogue PvP spec, suggestions?

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MiMb.V0L.hGRbbofsdz Is what I'm currently using (I think so anyways, if anything there is one less point in Poison mastery and One more in Ruthlessness). It's.. alright for the most part, but I don't know, sometimes I just feel like there's gotta be something more optimal. I've only just started using a rogue less than a week ago, so there's plenty of intricacies that I'm yet to be familiarized with concerning the class, the souls, and how it all goes together.

    I'm not blatantly asking for a build here, just a nudge in the right direction, or hell, if I'm doing something right, some encouragement/support is always appreciated too. I just want to be the best rogue I can : D

    <Edit> Oh, and the thread title is a slight lie. I am lvl 29 as of the posting of this, but only 20k to 30. So yes, the zam build is correct in saying that I am only lvl 29, despite the thread's title. Hope that didn't cause too much confusion, if any.)
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    nightblade riftstalker, look up the 38 nightblade 26 riftstalker build and put as many points into nb as you can then the rest in riftstalker, owned for me and i still use it.
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