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Thread: Riftstalker PVP at 50

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    Default Riftstalker PVP at 50

    I'm in the level 40-49 bracket on my rogue and I'm having a blast PVPing. I'm using a primarily riftstalker build and use nightblade for the weapon enhancements, cooldowns and healing(fell blades heals me for a ton). I basically run in with guardian phase and almost never die. It really helps, since I do a good amount of damage and they're so distracted with me, they never go for the objective and we win a ton of games.

    I was wondering if a deep riftstalker build is viable when I hit 50? I'm having a lot of fun with it and all the teleports, but I rarely see any PVP posts that go into riftstalker at all.

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    Deep Riftstalker in Guardian Phase is not going to do notable damage in 50 PvP at all.

    It will serve as a decent distraction, of course.
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    If you enjoy a variation of the Nightblade/Riftstalker combo, Id suggest looking into 38/26[?or28?].
    Reason being is that you get a sweet ability from NB that heals you for 50% of ur health over a period of time and Nightblade is going to give you that little extra kick that should make PVP enjoyable.
    Interms of Phases for Riftstalker always be in Stalker phase for the dmg increases from shifting, there are times you might want to be in Guardian Phase[ie. Running a shard or holding a relic in Library.]
    I find my most success in this build.
    Deep Riftstalker, I think would only be viable if you we're doing the odd jobs in the warfront a majority of the time, but if you wanna actually go toe to toe with someone look into a deeper Nightblade build.
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