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Thread: A Battle Bard build I am really enjoying atm....

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    Default A Battle Bard build I am really enjoying atm....


    I am finding running in stalker phase is pretty darn effective too. I macro phantom blow with cadence for extra damage reduction in melee range. Cadence spam, some motifs every now and then, guarded steel does decent dps in stalker phase, and pretty solid defense in guardian phase. I took 1 point in damage on deflect, but I run mostly in stalker phase atm.

    Leeching poison and lethal poison, increased damage after crits and increased damage and healing seem to make up for being lower in RS tree. 24 in bard gets the increased healing/coda of restoration which heals for a pretty large amount on a crit.

    I actually am able to kill stuff pretty quickly and heal all the while.

    Let me know what you think,

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    Seems to be neither totally pvp oriented or group pve oriented. A bit of everything but pretty consistent choice on the parts from assassin tree.

    Could be a good build for grinding mobs and do questing. Nice passive speed boost with competence.

    I might prolly need something like that since I respec a lot since many of my experiments totally fail. But trying is the only way of knowing.

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