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Thread: Opinion Poll - Are you happy with the community support?

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    Default Opinion Poll - Are you happy with the community support?

    It's good to see a community manager ignoring fanboys who want an overpowered class. In nearly every MMO ive seen fanboys destroy games by posting thread after thread about how their class shouldnt be nerfed or needs to be fixed. Inevitably the devs take on board whats being said and listen to these zealots.

    However. Rift is different in this aspect. Three out of four community managers are turning their classes into super powered do all classes out damage killing machines. Leaving the one community manager in the dark trying to keep balance with templates of now non existant classes.

    Rogue community manager please get up from your desk and punch in the head the weak willed community managers who lap up and lap dance for their community classes.

    Let me just put this into perspective for you. If you manage to log on some time this month.

    Healer class now outdamages the dps class.

    Finally. Anybody replying to this thread. Please type at the top of your post.

    'Yes' for being happy with rogue communitys work


    'No' for being unhappy with rogue communitys work.

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    /10 char

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    Just to let you know that this thread will be locked / removed pretty soon, as from what I remember Polls are not allowed on these forums.

    When most of the people that posts on rogue community forums are inexperienced and the feedback received from Trion regarding rogues is horrible on the same level, can't really say I'm happy, so bottom line is No.
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    Hi everyone,

    We have closed this thread and would like to take a moment to explain why. As per the Code of Conduct, we do not allow petitions or community-created polls on our forums. The reason for this is we do not feel that either encourage a meaningful or constructive discussion since they promote replies that simply say ď/signedĒ or answer a list of questions. In place of a petition, we recommend presenting something as a request or a suggestion so that the entire community can discuss it. Itís also okay to present questions in your first post, but we ask that you donít call it a poll.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!

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