so just playing around.. thinking of a build that isnt sin (just dislike) or heavy nb (played for too long xd) toying around brought me up with ;

from my sight; this has
great mobility (RS + the speed after teleport, + break cc)
DS that with 5 Cp increases next 3 abilities 105%
2 snares (maim, TF)
ebon fury spam.. and SoD
2x interupts and 1 with 5s silence
increased finisher dmg 30% (heat retention)
and u get some stealth utility, 20% dmg (dark malady) or silence.. nice openers

anyway, been testing around but not enough yet, im R6 hence not with the top-end gear, cant make dead end assumptions. any thoughts/ideas to improve it, or about its viability/lackings?