SO, I am leveling up my Rogue, and Im almost to Scourge of Darkness. What I wanted to know about certain abilities and talents

1.) Should I go 3/5 in Heat Retention? or 5/5?
2.) Should I bypass weapon Enhanced Wep enchantment?
3.) During a burst phase, should I piece together Scourge of Darkness, Ebon Fury, and Dusk to Dawn during the 30% due to Nightstalker boosting certain abilities to 30%? Or save each one individually for certain phases of fights?
4.) I have RS in my build and after I get 5 CP I hit Annihilate for the 15% increased Attack Power? Or just use SOD or Blazing Strike in its stead?
5.) My Rotation is as follows:
Dark Malady
Dusk Strike
Primal Strike
(2nd phase of rotation)
3x fiery spike
Primal Strike then wait till 5x of Heat Retention then Blazing Strike, though on a boss I may wait longer to milk the increased Non-Phys. damage increase.

Twilight Force
3x Fiery spike and 5x Heat Retention then Flame Thrust.

Those are all the questions I have at the moment. I am level 31, though by level 33 I should have DTD and my other abilities so is there anything I need to know? Any help is appreciated.