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Thread: Ranger Synergy & ST Rogue DPS Proposal

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    Default Ranger Synergy & ST Rogue DPS Proposal

    Dear Allion,
    Thanks for the 1.5 changes and the fix to Riftsalker teleports. It's better than it used to be. I have been playing Rogue since open beta testing and I would like to propose a couple of ideas that I think other rogues might agree with to some degree or another.

    Please remove enduring from the Ranger soul. It prevents an opportunity for additional DPS synergy. Please tack the loss of 5% endurance onto Great Fortitude in the Riftstalker tree.

    In it's stead please add either passive haste or bonus critical hit damage. Haste should affect auto attacks(melee and ranged), abilities with a channel bar, a cast bar and pet auto attacks. (This would increase auto attack damage somewhat depending on how much haste was afforded to the rogue.)

    In regards to Improved Quickshot, the premise is nice but it lacks scaling. Could the bleed effect be given an AP coefficient similar to that of Strafe? The damage would be quite similar to serrated blades for melee specs and would synergize well with Marksman but would not benefit melee builds. I think this would add substantial but metered DPS(less harmful to disturbing the PVP balancing act).

    Finally, please consider drastically buffing auto attack damage. Currently, it only accounts for 4-6%(ranged) and 6-8%(melee) of our total damage on Single Target fights. It seems as though one way to implement this would be to add a (stronger)AP coefficient to all auto attacks. I think it would be interesting if some of the passive DPS measures would not increase our burst damage but would bring more balance to PVE elements of the game.

    Melee builds are a whole different animal. Perhaps haste would help them as well. : D

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. - Please consider a gap-closing measure for Nightblade.
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