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Thread: Bard- codas dropping

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    Default Bard- codas dropping

    murdantix wouldnt hold a single coda for me. I put one on him , its gone in seconds.

    two questions

    1. why?
    2. am i suppose to just sit there spaming coda of restoration with everyone at full health?

    bonus questions for the devs: why do you hate us bards so much?

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    1. I refuse to believe you're doing Hammerknell without knowing you don't use Coda of Distress/Cowardice on single target. You have an Archon for that.
    2. Depending on spec you use your strongest offensive finisher.
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    Bard doesnt debuff single target, archon does. You can decide amongst urselves who will keep up the Spotter's Order effect however. Illuminate, Coda of Jeapordy, or Spotter's Order.

    The spotter's order effect is also overwritten and unable to be reaplied during a Wild Growth (Chloro spell that lasts 12 seconds), you can only reaply it after it's finished. No idea if thats intended.

    As for finishers, I like to Deadly Strike for 105% cadence damage but not all bards are comfortable with melee for some reason that is unknown to me?..

    Also, if you bard at ranged you should be spamming cadence while using no finishers (if all debuffs are up, and no raid heals are required). Reason being that a good bard should have bubble greaters at minimum and a bubble trinket at best, which you will want to be proc'ing as often as possible through cadence spamming. That method is obviously more effective when using Deadly Strike every 3rd cadence.
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