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Thread: Newly Minted 50 rogue

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    Default Newly Minted 50 rogue

    I am probably missing an easy to read post, but....

    I havent spent hardly any of my plat, sourcestones or favor while leveling. My gear is obviously crapola...

    I have tried to use the upgrade spreadsheet's, but only my chest piece shows up, must mean my gear really really sux

    I like to PvP, and am just starting some of the simplest elite rift raids, regular dungeons, no raiding to speak of just yet. ( would like to do some guild T1 raids soonish )

    So, I think I should be looking for 2 gear sets to start. One for PvP set ( high valor ) and one for ( well anything better than the junk im using atm )

    Perhaps just go after the PvP gear to start ? Sorry for semi-long post, I'd just like to get off to a decent start.

    Any valid suggestions will be humbly appreciated.

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    I don't PvP at all so I can't help you there.

    All I can tell you is I bought a couple of not-awful purple armor items from the AH and an OK blue bow, a couple of Hit runes and started running T2 dungeons to get marks to get better gear. If you don't know the fights I'd probably run a few T1 dungeons first to get the feel of the ramped-up dungeons. But you can gear yourself fairly decently to get into T2's with plat. If you have a metric ton of plat (as in several hundred) then you're looking at the Deathstalker set and epic weapons.

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    If you haven't spent your favor at all, how much do you have? I had like 65k when I hit 50 on my mage and just went and bought all of the pvp gear i could get and ran t1's w\ it til I could get better stuff. I'd suggest doing the same. Then as you get dungeon drops, you can replace gear for +hit so you can progress to T2's and further.

    You may wanna look in the AH and grab something like a Spined Compound Bow (I've seen them listed for as little as 3-5p, but have bought 1 for 18 which was worth it at the time ) , or if you have some 100p to spend and can find somebody who's been grinding ember isle rep, you could get an enchanted shadethorn bow made ( what I'm currently using ).

    Or maybe you'll have better luck w\ dungeon drops and get a nice bow there.

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