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Thread: Rogue Tanks and Lessrs

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    Default Rogue Tanks and Lessrs

    This is a question for trion I am very curious about.

    Now that we have deflect ( a form of block, btw I love ) is there going to be lessers that offer deflect bonuses like there are block for warrior classes. OR I have heard rumors that it will be that if it says block it will convert automatically to deflect when parred with a rogue tank. AND if the second is true will we Finally be able to utilize those amazing trinkets like the one off of water rifts that give you a chance to heal for 2k when "BLOCKING". and we can buy the lesser we need ( since there are like only 3 good ones for rogues ) that say block on it. As well as finally getting good greaters that give bonus to block only.

    Please oh please trion make it so that all block items now work for rogue tanks as deflect.

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    It would be handy so I don't have to role on stuff that is for clerics or warriors just because it has end and/or dodge if there were more rogue tank essences.

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