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Thread: Advice wanted!

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    Im trying to capture footage for my open world pvp video and im doing open pvp for the last week now.
    I play assassin and that is the only build i play because i think that is what rogue is about.
    Now to my probem....

    I try to capture good footage ...what i mean is not playing against p4 and low pvp ranked players.
    I was not able to capture footage that would be worth showing in my video.

    WHY? Yes that is the question.

    We have 4 Classes in this game.......

    1. Rogue:
    Who ever open up wins the fight thats it.

    2. Mage:
    There is no way for me to kill a mage.

    3. Warrior:
    They are in the same boat with the rogues, but i had some nice fights and i think its 50/50

    4. Cleric:
    Yes we can kill a cleric....after chasing him 10 minutes around the map. And i dont kill him with my dps or stuff like that... no no, i kill him because he is oom.

    So what can i do?
    Show only fights against warriors and rogues? I think thast booring after 2 minutes ....:-)
    The result is, i cant make a open world pvp video for now.

    The assassin tree need some major buff....i dont care for Marksman and BD/RS whatever.
    Im not going to play fotm because of that.
    And im not asking for god like power..........but a fight with a 0% chance to win is not what im looking for neither!
    Most ppl dont understand the rogue problem because they are p4 and getting one shotted all day long.
    So they think we are op, and yes some builds are op but for sure not assassin.

    I would love to see a not dispellable heal debuff or something like that for 2 minutes on a 10 min cd.

    There is so much hate for rogues this days so plz dont get me wrong.
    I played more than 500 warfronts and i did a lot of open pvp and what i noticed is ......

    Letīs say you are in a jungle.....its a better place for a tiger than for a monkey.

    Have a nice day
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